Weird response from deformers

Hello everyone!

I’m having a weird response from the curve deformers I put on the legs of a character. I made the deformers, I connected a kinematic output from the feet to the leg deformer, like it’s supposed to be, but when I move the deformer, the foot gets distorted instead of following the deformer points. Is there something I did wrong in the rigging? I submitted some screenshots so you can have an idea of whats happening.

Thanks in advance!

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 2.26.22 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 2.26.08 PM.png

I cannot duplicate the problem when I set up a similar rig.

For clarification:

In your images you appear to be manipulating the leg deformer but your words only say the foot gets distorted “instead of following the deformer points” The foot should not follow any points and should remain untouched if you are manipulating the leg deformer. Can you describe exactly what you are doing and what you want to see happen as a result?

Are you using TB14?

If you are deformation is broken if you make a deformation chain and you need to contact TB support to get a beta fix.

I skipped the initial release and only installed the update so I never encountered the deformation problem. Is this a symptom of the problem that was corrected in the update?

I skipped the initial release and only installed the update so I never encountered the deformation problem. Is this a symptom of the problem that was corrected in the update?[/quote]
It was present in the release version, and since then I haven’t seen any public releases to fix it (nor can I find any patch notes of any other release than initial). The only way to fix it was to contact support and ask for beta. Is the version you’re on not the release from the mydownloads page?

I never installed the version provided through My Downloads as I held off waiting for an update then asked for the beta and received a link from Support.

I was wondering whether the problem the OP is having is indicative of the problem corrected in the beta update.

Not having experience with the official release I only know of 2nd hand sources for descriptions of problems with it.

I only have read it has something to do with the kinematic chain breaking but I am cautious of attributing every problem with deformers to this bug.

Fair point , but it just looks just like the problem at hand since when I was doing it in the release version, adding a kinematic chain would cause this kind of offset whether kinematic was present or not, so I figure this is the reason here.

I made a composite for the leg, in it there’s the drawing of the shoe and the leg, each one has a peg. I put a bone deformer on the shoe to give it a bit of movement/bounciness when animating. Then I made a curve deformer on the leg and installed a kinematic output from the shoe peg to the leg’s deformer in the node view so when I move the leg’s deformer the shoe is supposed to follow the leg. But instead, I move the deformer and the show doesn’t follow how it’s supposed to. It follows the leg, but it detaches from the leg and gets distorted like in the attachment.

I made the exact same arrangement in the arms. Attached the hands to the arms’ deformers with a kinematic output and it works fine. So I don’t understand why it’s doing it in the legs.

I’m using Harmony 14. I did the exact thing with the deformation in the arms and attached the hands with a kinematic output and it works fine. I don’t understand why it’s happening in the legs/shoes.

Yeah you are using a broken version of harmony. Basically what happens is that as soon as you make a deformation chain, it breaks and causes what you see above. If you only have one deformer and no chain then ti works as usual. You need to contact support and ask them to send you the beta fix for the deformation chain deformer bug.


If I understood right, the foot has its own deformation, but not the hand: that’s what make them act differently. Until you get a new version of the software,what you can do is place the kinematic output before the transformation switch (inside the deformer group). At least that works for me. The kinematic output is not working if not place right after the deformation chain.




Could you contact for us to verify the situation and solution?