weird 'jumps' from Symbols Timeline to Top Timeline

Working with Symbols entails constantly entering and exiting the Edit mode. That’s what Symbols are about, they are like the gears of a mechanism.
I’ve found a strange glitch in this process.
On entering Edit, everything works well. I can enter the Symbol at the desired frame. Cool.
But on exiting the Symbol (back to ‘Top’ Timeline), I stay where I am but see frame 1 on the Timeline.
I must say this is… er… maddening. It means forever scrolling back and forth and up and down to get back to the point where I was.

I know there is a command to pin the exact point of an element in the Timeline, although I haven’t found it yet.
Nonetheless, this wouldn’t really change the point.
It would be logical to just exit the Symbol in the same spot on the Timeline where it was entered.

This might seem a detail, but in the general workflow it really takes a toll in time and… brain neurons!

thank you,

*using Animate2 regular


I just did the test using Animate 2 and Animate Pro 2 and when I click on the Top button to go back the root of my scene, it remains at the frame where I was when I entered…
It does not go back to frame 1 for me.

What technique are you using to exit the Symbol editing mode?


hi Marie-Eve,

To exit the Symbol Edit I click on ‘TOP’, the little house icon.

Maybe I didn’t specify one thing correctly in my question, please pardon me and let me be more precise: the Timeline shows me frame 1 but the playhead in fact stays where I was editing. Which is nonetheless quite confusing and still means I have to go back.

Example: say the place I edited the Symbol was frame 2500. When I exit the Symbol (click on house icon) I actually stay at frame 2500 (I can still see whatever I was editing on the stage), but in the Timeline I am looking at frame 1.
In other words there is a contradiction between Timeline and actual position, I am being shown the wrong frame. So of course then I have to scroll back to frame 2500, where the Playhead is.

I could attach a couple of images to describe this better, but I can’t see any attach button (what’s a YABBC tag? :slight_smile:



I am really trying hard to get it to work… well to not work. :stuck_out_tongue:
But it behaves correctly on my side…

Indeed if you could send a screen shot it would quite helpful to try to identify the glitch.
This way I will be able to report it as a bug if a bug there is.

You could probably send me the images via email.
Just send me a contact in a private message.


sorry… I’m terrified that it could be some bad on my part, some purloined letter thing where the answer is right there in plain sight.
But as far as I can see it’s quite straightforward in its not working.
I will send you my email via DM.
Thanks a lot!

You know, I would rather it be a simple mistake than an actual bug. :slight_smile: