Weird curves during tweening.

I have a simple drawing (a background), and I want to drag it from right to left.
So, I add it to a PEG.
I then add a Keyframe on the first position.
I go to the end position and drag towards left, with ‘Animate’ on and holding SHIFT so that the move is perfectly straight.
I add the tween cmd-K.
Now, the background moves from right to left, but… it is not linear! It curves towards the end, as if it needed to ‘settle’ into position.
I do this over, there is no way. It will not give me a simple linear movement.

(This makes a pair with the camera, which in an apparently random fashion puts curves and Z moves into a straight pan. I can’t figure out why this should be, but I’ve learnt that every other camera move I have to go and do the ‘Show Controls and Coord. Points’ thing and manually straighten it…)

Anyhow… I’m at a loss: why should a really basic drawing tween make little curvy movements? What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for the probably dumb question, but I really get stranded with these simple problems.


P.S.: the curvy thing happens EVEN if I nudge the drawing with the keyboard arrows…;action=display;threadid=2872;start=msg13553#msg13553;action=display;threadid=3216;start=msg15306#msg15306

Hi Nolan

thank you.
Unfortunately Velocity and Position did not work. There are no curved Bezieres to be straightened.

As said, I am not using a camera move here. I am dragging the drawing from right to left, using a PEG.
At the beginning of the tween and at the end, Animate puts in a little up or down movement.

What I need id the simplest, most basic movement one could imagine: a lateral drag over about 20 frames.

I am going berserk trying to figure out why this happens.

Quite frustrated, and worried, now, too, as of course this is happening on a project I need to finish and close … :frowning:

thanks again,

try this: in camera view, select the circle at start of trajectory, then change its tension from 0 to 1, then do the same for the circle at the end. if you find the tension is already set to 1 then change it to 0. this worked for me.

Hi Armin

I know that’s the solution for when Animate makes the camera travel in a curvy style (apparently in a random fashion, since it doesn’t always do that).

My problem here is even simpler: with a still camera, I am dragging a drawing from one side of the stage to the other.
Animate won’t produce a straight line. The drawing dips and them comes up again.
I have NO idea why this happens, I am in a pickle trying to make this software do the simplest possible thing in the world.

Thanks for the reply,

i use that for my pegs paths as well as my camera’s…anyway, i hope you find a solution soon…

I have been trying to figure out some solutions and came across something you might try.

In the Preferences go to the Camera tab and look at the Tools area. In there it has two checkboxes for using the Transform Tool and setting Keyframes.

If you uncheck that first checkbox, Set Keyframes on all Functions with the Tranform Tool, then it should only create keyframes for the X-axis when you move/pan your background from right to left. When checked it will create keyframes for all of the functions, like Y, Z, regardless of whether or not you made any changes for those parameters.

Don’t know if this workaround will do the trick, but it is something to try.


Hi Mark

useful tip, yours. I’ll try it, thank you!

In the meanwhile, as far as my problem of dragging drawings and characters without Animate arbitrarily putting curves into their trajectory, I came up with this:

In the Path panel (expand the PEG and double click Path), I went to the Y axis settings and changed the tension from 0 to 1. That made the drawings go from left to right in a straight line.

Why I should waste minutes to do this is beyond me. I would understand the contrary, having to manually put a curve into a straight move.
Animate is zealous, it does things for me I don’t want and makes me undo them every other time. And that’s a big time waster.