Weird brush lag returns... but in Harmony!

Hey again dudes,

I made a post over 2 weeks ago about this second delay on my brush that I was getting in storyboard pro. submitted a ticket to customer support and got the help I needed and everything was fine and dandy. Moved onto production of the film now in Harmony and I’ve started animating my scenes, then BAM! I get hit with a windows 10 update. Now my Harmony is all jacked up like Storyboard Pro was. Problem is, I’ve tried the solutions to fixing storyboard and these don’t work and I’m stuck again.

I just wish things could run smoothly, spent nearly a week trying to troubleshoot the problem myself and I am all out of ideas. Submitted for another ticket but I haven’t had a response yet. Just wondering if anyone else’s Harmony has been effected? If so and you’ve fixed the problem please let me know, I’m at my wits end and I have a milestone this week.