Weird brush cursor lag (gif included)

My brush cursor is seriously lagging but the tool seems to be working perfectly fine. The lag if very distracting though.

Any thoughts?


Only the brush is lagging?
Which O.S. version?
Which graphic card model?

Have you tried re-installing the graphic card driver?

Only the circular brush cursor is lagging. When I place the pen to the screen the brush seems to functional normally.

I have an early 2011 Macbook Pro which I believe has Intel HD Graphics running El Capitan. I have not tired re-installing the graphic card driver. Is that something you can do on a macbook pro?

Intel HD cards are very basic graphic cards that rarely provide their own RAM,
instead the leech RAM from the motherboard. They can have resource issues
if multiple monitors are used (graphic card resources are divided among the
number of displays there are), especially if they’re retina display.

First make sure the auto light table is not active as transparency-based effects
are costly for the graphic card to calculate. Only enable the light table when
actively using the feature.

In the preferences of Storyboard you can try turning off the “Realistic Preview
While Drawing” on the Advanced tab of the preferences to see if it helps.
(relaunch the program after doing this).

Thank you for the tips! I’ve give them a shot tonight and see it they help.

Is there a way to turn off the little circular brush cursor if the problem persists?

Yes, on the “Tools” tab of the preferences: “Brush Size Cursor”