website for animating portfolio?

I’m an amateur animator looking to improve through practice by creating a large bulk of short goofy animations. Ideally I’d like to be able to post all these animations online somewhere so they’re all there ready to share, sort of like a public portfolio.

are there any websites/blogs/social networks dedicated to sharing animations like this? Would be the best website to satisfy this?

Uploading your creations on YouTube can be a great way to share.

You can create playlists to help sort/categorize your work.

For someone not used to building a true website I would suggest using It modular and pretty much drag and drop. Very easy to use. A lot of the widgets are even resizable to suit your needs.

agreed with the cubiclite. if you’re an amature, posting them to Youtube (or Vimeo for that matter) to share to other social networks is the way to go.