Webcomic help

I want to make webcomics using tbs how do i do that thanks in advance for you help you guys


First off, I would like to suggest that you go back and modify your original post and use a more specific subject title. It is really useful when threads have meaningful titles, particularly when people are scanning the archives looking for information on a specific topic.

Webcomics usually are created in one of two forms. The first is a traditional form that is basically a digital version of a print style comic page. This is essentially a single graphic and is usually produced using scanned art work that is composited and painted in a program like Photoshop. Some artist use Illustrator to Ink their scanned pencil drawings and then paint and add visual effects in Photoshop. This form of web comic has no animation or interactivity included.

The second type of web comic is partially static like a traditional comic with interactive animations embedded inside the comic pages.

Here is a source of this style of webcomic : http://www.zark.com/front/hub.html

Here is a great example of a slightly different style of interactive webcomic: http://www.alpha-shade.com/www/index2.htm

The common aspect of most type two webcomics is interactivity and embedded sound effects and animations. The tools of choice are Photoshop and Flash. Photoshop as a raster graphic editing and embellishment tool and Flash for animations and interactivity.

You could also incorporate TBS for the animation work and using the TBSi importer add interactivity with Flash. The critical distinction is to understand that interactivity is created using Action Script programming in Flash and without that interactivity you can’t really publish a type 2 webcomic. Toon Boom Studio is a great support tool in the process, but not as useful as Flash for this type of media. The bottomline is that Web Comics and Games are best created in Flash. -JK

Ok thanks