Webcam with TBS - Stop Motion

I have just recently purchased Toon Boom Studio 6 and was intending to use it for Stop Motion animation. BUT, I’m having trouble using my Logitech c910 Webcam. The software recognizes it. However, the resolution is very low when I “Acquire Image”. I have the Logitech c910 and the Project set to 1080x1920 but the image quality from the webcam appears to be more like 320x240. This quality is not useable at all for me. How do I get Toon Boom to capture the images at the full HD resolution?

When you render to Quicktime movie, what does it look like?
Maybe it is the antialiasing setting which makes it have a low res appearance while you are working, to save system resources.

Please post your results about the quality of your test render.