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Hey every one I want to start by thanking every one so far for all your help
however I need some help with a weird subject maybe you all can help me out It dose have to do with Toonboom but I know enough about the software i need help beyond just toonboom I’m taking it a few steps ahead.
I’m trying to start my own unofficial web site and I’m not sure how to start I just want to do it for fun not to sell or anything like that so there has to be a ez way or all those sites would go broke they had to start some where
well i hope some one can help thanks anyway

That’s a great idea, to put up your own website. Be master of your domain and all…

First, you should figure out if you want to go the free route, or the paid route.

Going the free route may be more of a pain than it’s worth, as you will be forced to have banner ads on your site. My daughter did this when she was about 8 years old and it was a little disturbing to see some racy banner ads pop up on her pet site.

Setting up a website that you pay for is not too expensive.
First you register your name.
You can go to www.godaddy.com to do that.
They are dirt cheap, I think it’s less than $10.00/year.
This will allow you to use your own name, like www.you-are-the-man.com

Next, you’ll need a web hosting provider.
They’ll have the computer where your website will actually be stored.
I’ve set up several people using www.oc12host.net
They have been very reliable for me over the past 4 years that I’ve used them.
They have plans ranging from under $5.00/month to as much as you want.

For around 10.00/month, you can get several hundred Gigabytes of storage and a shared sever (a computer where the company allows many people to use the same computer with different sites).

Best of luck.

Brian Hoard
BHH Studio

Thank’s a lot I all most have my site done. I had a lot of animations and stuff , but I lost everything so I have to start from scratch, but as soon as I get some animations done I’ll post them. I have a lot on the site already you should check it out, but like I said its not done yet so come back often to see what I cover next www.the411info.com
P.S. the site is very new so there is a chance it will say coming soon if you get this or if some pages don’t work work check back later