way to use maxon bodypaint?

sorry if this in the wrong place. i was wondering if there is a way to eexport a toonboom file into bodypaint ( i have the newest version).
and then import back into toonboom as its original file.

when i did this in painter x when i would paint something and then bring it back to toon boom it was no longer vector.

i have searched the web to see if this is possible but have not found anything yet.

what i have been doing is creating templates in bodypaint and importing the color into my palettes…im just not getting the cool brush strokes.

if i can not do this in toon boom studio 3.5, can i do this in a niy other toonboom?


I am not quite sure which file format body paint support. In general if it does support any of our output format you should be fine. As for importing back the files if you still want to edit those inside Toon Boom Studio you would need to have those files in pdf/ai/swf formats.

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