Way to make character outlines unaffected by Tone Shader?

I love the Tone Shader effect, but it goes over the character outline, thus making the outline seem slightly blurry/discolored. I’ve drawn the line art on the same layer as everything else… What’s the best way to design a drawing so that the outlines are not affected by the Tone Shader effect but everything inside still is? Thanks.

Hi Telifri, do you separate out your Line Art from your Colour layer ? This could happen if you have both the line and colour on the same art layer. Its a bit more work to separate them, but it does allow you to control how the colour and line interact with things like Tone shader effects. Usually means you have to bring the Auto-patch module into play.

Hope that helps, Jason.

Toon Boom Harmony and Storyboard Pro user @ Drawmill Animation


What Harmony edition are you using? Beside separating your line and colours of different art layers, you can also use the Colour Override node to isolate your outline colour and reconnect it back on top.

You would use the Render Selected Colour Only tab: http://docs.toonboom.com/help/harmony-12-2/premium/reference/effects/filter-effects/colour-override-interface.html