Waves animation

Hi guys,

How to animate the transverse waves. Top of the wave height is called crest and bottom of the point is called trough. This type of waves continuously moving forward. Could please share the key poses of one cycle.


Check out “Elemental Magic” by Joseph Gilland.
Excellent book about special effects animation, including liquids like waves.

Otherwise, this might be helpful ?

Hi NolanScott,

It’s really helpful. Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

I animate the transverse wave on one cycle (loop). That’s fine for single wave (width = 400px) but when i duplicate the wave animation into multiple times should match the entire screen or stage width = 1200px (X=0, X=400, X=800, X=1200) it’s not produce wavy effect. This means the stilled waves moving X position to Y position like the first red wave animation from your link.


I presume you know the “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” from Walt Disney’s Fantasia ?
Liquid animation in perfection.

Haven’t done yet any proper liquid animation myself.
Just some very poor imitation in Toon Boom Studio a long time ago:

Thanks Nolan, great!

I think you already seen the episode of Disney’s Jack & the never land pirates. I really love the style of animation and the series made by toon boom software with integrate 3d objects like the ship coming out the cave at the same time the 2D characters merged together. I want to know the 2d style output with 3D objects, which renderer setting he used. If you have any idea, let me know.