Waveform disappear on Storyboard Pro 7


I recently started to work on Storyboard Pro 7 and have some technical issues that I can’t explain (I was with the version 6 before and didn’t have any troubles).

The waveform of all my sounds (or only a few of them) in the timeline disappear. The sound is still there, I can hear it but I cannot see the waveform which is a big problem to edit.

I managed to deal with the problem by extracting the project into a new one, but that doesn’t always work.

Can anyone help please? I really need to find a solution.
I work on Storyboard pro 7, version 17.10.2 (16057).

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hey Sophie!

I don’t have the best answer as I seem to have the same issue. (I use storyboard pro 20.) But to get it back I just reset the program until it finally shows up. Hopefully, we can both find a more permanent solution soon. Cheers!