Water colour effect

Hi guys

Im relatively new to this program, I need to create a watercolour effect on my characters. I have tried importing textures and creating different brushes with no real success. How ever am I right in understanding that this could be achieved through the network view and applying different effects?

do you have a sample of the effect you are trying to achieve?

I can send a portion of the image if that is Ok because I dont think I will be allowed to send the whole image due to work. Is this ok?

Thanks for your reply

just link or put on imagine sharing or youtube.

just find something similar. It is hard to imagine what you are trying to do.

Just found this video luckily enough through Toon Boom itself.
Would like to know the stages of getting to this result.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3bCXv1eZUs at 58 secs


in the example at the time you gave I think they

-used textured brushes with a low opacity
-used a little blur
-have a jpg image as an overlay for the paper (probably drawn in photoshop)

you need the pro version for textured brushes i think

ok, ill give it a go and see what I come up with, Thanks again for your input Raider

much appreciated

we are using Harmony, plus the images are all scanned in and then vectorized as our animator is an old school paper animator.

I have never used harmony but if you just scan the images and use a tablet pen with the textured brushes on different opacity settings I think you won’t have any trouble.

I wouldn’t have the patience to that frame by frame ;D

yeh i think that will have to be something that the client will have to take into account regarding the deadline.

The last thing they used as well was the Blending effect.

Toon Boom Support

thanks Lily,

I think we have found another way of doing it, by experimenting with textures. Will be quicker for frame by frame animation then I and my work colleague can just fill the regions using the texture that we have produced externally

Hello… i think a good water colour VECTOR efect is like MARTHA SPEAKS show… is not a bit map. is just a vector draw style… chek it out in this pic…


you can do some cut out animation of this and i think look god… ok is not really water colour but is a Vector water colour style…

look this style in animation here…


I hope this help you to find another way of different style of your vector catooning, like watercolour or something like this…


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Watercolour effect will make your character more effective.