Washed-out bmps in OpenGL view.

Does anyone know why some bmps would look washed-out in the OpenGL view? I’ve tried every combination of transparency settings there are.

Thank you!

Hi John

You could try to go to the top menu:

-View - Bitmap Image Quality and a pop up window appear.
You can adjust the preview quality by dragging the slider.

Hope this helps

Thanks Ivar. I selected the bmp but that particular menu item is greyed out. Strange.

When you imported the bmp did you vectorize it or left it as a bitmap? If you vectorized it did you use Color, BW or Grey styles?

You are talking also of the Camera view or the Drawing view?

I just restarted my computer and the problem is gone. Thank you everyone for your ideas!

Thanks, Lilly!

Also when you have the Light Table turned on, the bitmap layers will look washed out when unselected.