Was there (is there) a published manual for 4.5

I know there’s a full published manual for v5.0, but was there ever one for v4.5 and, if so, is it still available?

Yes, there was a Toon Boom Studio 4.5 PDF User Guide…
(I presume, there was even a printed version for sale)

Just checked some old backup disks of mine, the Toon Boom Studio 4.5 folder contained:
Quick Start Material / Installation Guide / User Guide / Keyboard Shortcuts /
Getting Started… all in PDF format…

You might still find it somewhere…?, otherwise send Toon Boom an e-mail…
They might be able to provide you with a download link…?

User Guide:…11.5 MB
Quick Start Tutorial:…3.6 MB
Quick Start Material:…38.2 MB


Thanks for that.
Armed with the exact document and file titles I’ve managed to track them all down to various download websites.