Warp tool?

Dear ToonBoom people. Ever thought of having a warp tool much like the one in Photoshop which allows you to deform and distort an object.

I know Toonboom already currently has the perspective editor and the quadmap but these are limited compared to a warp tool. For instance the quadmap will distort a square object but the object will still posses straight lines nonetheless.
In other words I can’t use the quadmap to turn a square into a circular object because the quadmap is limited in that it only edits the angles but a warp tool on the other hand will allow you to distort the outside and inside of an object because it creates editable “vertices”(like in 3D) of the object.

Or you can simply have the quadmap funcion in a way that allows it to create some editable vertices inside.

check out this image if you’re not familiar with the warp tool in PS:

I’d like to second this suggestion. I find that a warp tool in PS or after effects can really help bridge artwork when puppeting.

Need a reply here :slight_smile: thank you.

Maybe I am missing something but… ToonBoom is a vector graphics app. By definition any shapes you create can be “warped” and twisted and stretched in any way you want (and this can be animated using morphing as well).

We have thought of it, in fact. It’s still something that we’d like to do, and it’s definitely on our radar.


Congrats on implementing this feature!

Indeed! This need to be a feature.

Its not that efficient having to do this node based.

please bring an update! :smiley:

Dearest Toonboom,

Coming off of 7 years storyboarding in Photoshop and LOVING Storyboard Pro after my first week. It seems to have so much of what PS lacked.

…except warp, as RossD has pointed out. Any chance this feature is coming soon? If not, please consider this another feature quest for a “warp” tool.

I love PS’s warp tool/liquify filter. I only have Harmony Essentials atm, so it can only do vector based designs, but I see how having a warp tool could be helpful.

Kind of along the same lines, I loved using After Effects’ puppet pin tool which seems to based on a similar “warping” principle/technology. One thing that’s been kinda annoying me is the lack of flexibility I have with the deformers that are currently available (granted I am using Essentials, Premium offers significantly more flexibility when it comes to deformers). But it was nice being able to use the puppet pin tool in conjunction with keyframes to make some cool effects.