Warning pop up during saving over a Toon Boom Harmony 10 file in Toon boom Harmony 10.0

Hi! I’m currently using Toon Boom 10.0.1 on my win10 laptop. My problem is that I keep on getting this pop up warning when I’m saving over a Toon Boom 10.0.1 file I got from the studio I work from:

“This project was created using another product or an older version of this product. Saving will upgrade its format to the current format and it will no longer be possible to open the original project. all modified drawings will be upgraded as well. Are you sure you want to save this project?”

I also noticed that my XSTAGE file from work gets converted to a TBUP file. I also get a new tbup.thumbnails and .tbup~ files.

For more info, the computers from my workplace are windows xp from what I recall. Does this have to do with the windows operating system version? Will my files be still be readable on another Toon Boom 10 program?

P.S. I also looked at my toon boom harmony12 files and all of them are xstage files. Can’t understand why my toon boom harmony 10 copy saves in a tbup format though.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to your replies!