Wanting to use Animate Pro but am not an illustrator

I work on my own projects and have an artist who draws illustrations for me and I use them “comic book” style via Final Cut Pro X (with Ken Burns effect). I want to make the jump to animation and possibly Toon Boom Animate Pro but I cannot illustrate (or I can, but it is subpar work). My main questions are:

Can I take drawings from the artist I hire and use his illustrations in Toon Boom Animate? And if so, how would he have to illustrate? Would it be characters by themselves, with no background? Would appendages, limbs etc have to be drawn separately?
And would backgrounds, environment etc. have to be also drawn separate?

And how much adjustment or manipulation would I be able to use with his drawings? (i.e. altering facial expressions, movement, etc.)

Thank you

The basic answer to all of your questions is “yes.”

If your artist creates the characters with parts on separate layers you will be able to animate them as cut-out puppets. Take a look at these videos: