Wanting static Image with multiply module to follow camera (Solved)

Hi all.

To summarize, I’m wanting a static image to overlay the entire scene by multiplying it.

The problem is that this gets tricky when I add the camera. When the camera changes its position (zoom, pan, etc), the notebook paper image also changes which is not what I want. I want it to remain the same size, position etc.

My initial solution is attached (“obstacle.jpg”). I thought no biggie, I’ll just parent the camera peg to the Notebook image’s peg and it’ll be fine. In theory what I did should have worked, but the camera’s peg won’t let the multiply module do its job when its parented.

Does anyone have a better solution or know what I may be doing wrong? I would usually do this in After Effects by just multiplying the image over the already rendered out video and done.
Thanks in advance!

See solved attachment for solution

I wanted everything to look like it was drawn on crinkled paper, yes. I found a workaround. I composite the actual scenes and added the multiply(blending module) to the scenes rather than the camera. This lets the camera have its way with the crinkled paper while everything else gets multiplied.
Check out the solved.jpg I added to the original post.

Thanks for your help!!!

That is such a cool effect.

I am happy to see you found a solution.

I don’t have a solution unfortunately.

So you want the characters to look like they are drawn on crinkled paper rather than just having a piece of crinkled paper in the background? Do you need the camera to move deep into the scene or can you restrict it to the paper concept and pretend that the world exists only on the surface of the paper so the camera would not be able to penetrate it? If you turned the camera angle everything would skew to adhere to this approach.