Wanted: Make an object "float" automatically, not by manually created keyframes


I wonder if there is a method in Toon Boom Harmony to make an object “float” (creating an illusion of no gravity) without using manually created keyframes and paths. I am looking for something in the line of a node or an expression to slowly shift around the objects position automatically in a smooth looking fashion. It is crucial for my animated project with a lot of different objects floating around in a zero-gravity world.

Thank you, Lowe

I don’t know of any pre-made things or automatic process. If it were me I’d set up a collection of pegs with various loops on them and save them as a template.
Also, using 3D paths instead of separate in your peg settings will allow you to use the spline tool and you can move the path around fairly quickly, getting nice smooth curves. So that might be something to look into :slight_smile:

Thank you, there will be hundreds of individual objects so I guess the first solution would be the one to try out.