Want to Export Image without Smoothing

I know this is probably going against the norm, but I’m looking for a way to export out of Toonboom without having any smoothing at all. There is a one pixel wide softening around all of the edges and where two different colors meet. I basically want my image aliased.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

When you are drawing, did you use no smoothing to start with?

If not, make a backup of your project so you can easily revert if needed.
Then, select the lines you want to appear jagged and in the Pen properties, remove Smoothness to 0.

For your export quality try the following:

File > Export Movie
Export as QuickTimeMovie, select [Options] >Settings
here you can play around with the quality.

Or File > Export Movie
Export as QuickTimeMovie, select [Options] >Filter
and play around with effects.

Please post your results.