walking scene animate 2

I have a trial animate 2 program, the problem i,m having is getting my image to walk across the screen, i created my imagewith layers, nine altogether. starting at the head and ending at the shoes.wheni had completed my project i hit the play button,the arms and legs worked OK. the only placeit would show a walk movement is in the middle of the screen.i installed 30 frames for each layer,i have run out of ideas how to solve my problem.would appreciate some help on this problem, thank you

I am not 100% sure what you mean.

But I think you just need to animate the master peg of your character.

Did you animate the layers using the Transform tool? Did you have the Animate button turned on? Are there keyframes on your timeline? Can you attach a screenshot of your timeline? Just upload it to a free site like Photobucket and then paste the link here.

You might want to hit F1 or open the help file from the Help menu - there is a useful Getting Started Guide as well as a User Guide that will teach you how to use the software. There are also some free tutorials available through the e-Learning section of the website and on Youtube. You might want to make your way through some of these materials.


i can,t thank you enouph for your help,i had spent two days getting nowere,in fact i was near quiting it all together,now i can tackel another issue in the program.

thanks again, the master peg worked.