Walking forward/backward

When I rig my characters pivot points (on the forward and back views) I have noticed that the pivots on the legs and arms allow the charaters limbs to move sideways but not into the camera view. I am having trouble with moving the character forward into the camera or having him walk away. On the forward view is there a way to make it look natural walking forward into view? Right now I can’t figure out how even with the tutorials. Am I missing something? (Probably)

Mr. P

Ok so probably easiest way to do it is just have the top half of the character walk into the camera? I had a feeling it was a difficult thing do due to the pegs. thanks Lilly

That is by far the easiest thing to do.

Otherwise you need to draw a walk cycle.

I think if you are going to Tackle a foward/backward walk it is 10 times harder doing with a cut out puppet than FBF. Trust me I have tried. Like Lilly said foreshortening is going to be a challenge.

If you MUST have a full body forward/background walk one maybe you can cheat a little by using some reference. Try http://endlessreference.com/products/human-motion/walk/

Check out this Slow Mo vid on Youtube

To make the character look as if it is walking closer towards the camera, I would try experimenting with scaling or even better zooming the camera or something. good luck!

Walking directly towards the camera is always a difficult thing to do. You can animate the Master Peg of your character forwards, and this will make the character come towards the screen. You can do this just by animating the character forward in the top or side view.

However whenever you move a character directly towards the camera, you will have some limbs that have foreshortening on them. This you either have to cheat by squashing them, or you have to redraw them foreshortened.