walk cycle with front view

hi everybody
now i think i can do walkcycle of a sideview charracter ,but now i want to do this task with a front view character , i think main concept is same here i have to play with scale of arm and legs elements but if you look at this page http://www.cartoonsmart.com/two_leg_cycles.html (here you can see a front view cycle ) i am wondering how its upper part of body is moving , is it occuring swaping of drawing elements? please give me some hints as i am dying to do a walkcycle from front view as well .

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Looks to me like that front walk cycle has several chest drawings being swapped in/out. That’s a somewhat complicated way to do it. Even the shading on the shoulders changes. The hands “snap” at the end of their cycle, when they’re farthest away. I’m wondering why you need something so elaborate? Anyway, good luck.


i’d suggest you to do a walk cycle of a woman, it’d be a more instructional experience.

when a woman lifts her foot to make a step the hip on that side goes down, because the leg loses the stand, the shoulder goes up and the head tilts a bit toward that shoulder in order to balance out the body position. the other side looks the same, regarding the other foot in the next step.
in that way you could get a ‘swaying’ movement, which would be more attractive to watch.

why a woman? no man could sway that way while walking…
that makes a woman walk so fascinating :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. and don’t forget to post your work here :wink:

@ JK thanks for ur answer ;D

@ hasslehead yeah your right i must try first simple cycles intead of working some complex cycles.:slight_smile:

@gester look at female character at this link http://www.tallgrassradio.com/tgr0037.htm , is it not similar to any male walkcycle , anyway man i hardly now become able to make an ordinary walkcycle of a character , i am not a advance animator im just a beginner but i want to learn to learn more …your suggestion is good but its making me afraid, can you please show me some stuffs/material/animation related to female walkcycle i hope it would help me alot :wink:

please check this link http://www.mediamax.com/abartpk , here i placed my 3 recent cycles but please keep it in mind that i am just a beginner and still learning , for continuos playback open html files …looking for your feedback …thanks

sorry, NO! it’s not a typical woman walk. that lady walks like a man.

look in the nature how women walk. when you implement the spine changes as i told you you’d see the differences. you can even exaggerate, no big deal. just TRY.
sorry, i get only some *.qtl file, which looks like a playlist. i can’t see any video :frowning:

personally, i try to animate very realistic human moves. here’s a small example, a very rough sketch of my next film bus stop:

rob link is working fine for me , i should get a table of all hosted files ::slight_smile:

lolz i checked this flash file , ur a good sketcher :slight_smile:

thanx :slight_smile:

your link: when i click on running1.mov, for instance, it offers me a download or a display of some playlist_dcskockfv8.qtl file, which can’t play as a video.

try opening with htm files online , then let me know plz

sorry, no browser of mine can open the html.
i tried with opera, firefox, netscape and iexplorer. they wind up in a blank page…

CLICK HERE to look at a much better “rough” example of a female walk, not that female walks are something we do very often. -JK

thanks JK , i will check this article very soon :slight_smile:

gester sorry , if you know any free webhosting service which provide quick time files uploading too then please let me knoew…

i think we better should use this as :
use login id :abartpk
password :toonboomforum

try it asap


1. the character himself looks very nice.
2. i like the sneaker the best. the movement is well done.
3. the runner is still a bit robot-like (most of all his hands), but as a structure for further working pretty good.
4. the en face walker is not bad. a bit stiff, but when you apply a bit of a sway of the hips and shoulders to the sides (but not too much, that is only for women :P) it’d look even better. a bit of exaggerating is still a nice trick.


  1. infact character is not mine , i think someone else made it http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/35455272/?qo=5&q=by%3Amecid&qh=boost%3Apopular+-in%3Ascraps

    2.thank u i also think its better :wink:

    3.how its motion robotic ? how can i improve it , please help me what kind of further working it needs .

    4.you mean i should add some sawping in front view walk ?
    can you please show me any example front view swaping of shoulder and hips so i generate better idea ,thanksalot fro feedback

to 3 and 4:
simply add more positions, and edit the motion path to set the ease-ins and ease-outs for smoother movements.

the swapping would work for the whole step phases, as the char starts with the other leg, not with adjacent frames.

ahaan …ok fine rob :slight_smile: