walk cycle question

I am working on a walk-cycle and was curious if it were smarter to have the character remain in the same place on the X-axis, and have the background move.

If not, I have created a 12 frame walk cycle, and am interested in how I can just re-use the images and move them along the x-axis when I reuse them. Ideally, I would just copy/paste the 12 frames, and shift them over but it also seems to move the original 12 frames.

BTW, I watched the ‘Panda Walking’ video, and it looks like they kept the panda in the same place, and used a peg for motion along the x-axis. Is this the recommended way?


Walking in place with a moving background is perhaps the most often used method with walk or run cycles. Alternately you can create the cycle in place and then attach it to a peg element and use a motion path to move the character across the screen. -JK

Thanks. Just what I needed to know. :slight_smile: