Walk Cycle - IK Hip translation

I have a 2 legged character. I can make him step forward, one foot nailed down with constraints. But the knee bends backwards. When I try limiting the rotation of the shin element, the leg looks correct but the foot moves up and down through the step. I have the Hip and Main peg with translation enabled. Why doesn’t the nail of the foot and limited rotation of the shin translate the hip and main peg upward? (ie. lift the character body relative to the foot?). NB. The thigh of the nailed foot also has a nail when setting constraints on the foot. Peg-Hip-thigh-shin-foot hierarchy.

Any suggestions?

I have followed the knee bending ballerina exercise - no problem. Is there no walk cycle tutorial for Animate like the one that comes with Toonboom Studio?

Is your peg excluded from the hierarchy? Could you perhaps send me a screenshot of what your hierarchy looks like in the timeline as well as what the hierarchy looks like when you have it selected with the IK tool?

In general rather than setting the min/max angle what I find to be an effective way of using IK is when I want to move the upper leg, I’ll click on the knee joint to drag that - then you usually don’t get the knee bending backwards - then I’ll drag down on the ankle and reposition the foot and that works pretty quickly. If you click on just the knee joint, it’ll keep the orientation of the lower leg as is as you drag.

Hope that helps.

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