Walk cycle help

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to ToonBoom and have just been following JKs Animating Cut Out Characters walk cycle tutorial and have come to the end of it. Am pleased with the result but was just wondering if it’s possible to loop the cycle without redoing all the motion, transforming and tweening all over again, if that makes sense. As I’m working on 24 frames a second and the tutorial only covers 16 frames I was also wondering if there’s a way of making the characters walk more gradual and slower. Because when I play it back in a preview he just walks very quickly and I’m looking to get around 6 seconds of the rig walking along.

I’m probably missing something really simple but I thought I’d post on here to see if anyone knows a thing or two about this. Excuse the noobishness but everyone has to start somewhere. =)

Cheers ppl.

Check out one of my other tutorials Animating a Cut-Out Character in ToonBoom In it I describe the process of copying and pasting keyframed poses to extend the walk cycle of a bird character (no different than a person for your purposes) By following this copying and pasting technique you can extend your characters walk for as many frames as you chose so screen time is not an issue. I hope you will find it informative. Basically once you create a single cycle you can repeat it quickly by this approach for a many repetitions as you require. Keep asking questions and I help as much as I can.-JK

Thanks a lot mate, I’m pretty sure that tutorial you linked me too got me back on track. Just in the process of trying to complete it now. Appreciate the help a lot and if I have any more questions (which I’m sure I will) I’ll keep them PM if that’s ok with you. Cheers.


Basically I’m confused as to how to make my walk cycle continuous as in the forward motion. When I copy and paste the der_der.rig peg bit the cycle is fine, but then when I add the forward parent peg by copy and pasting it to the next set of frames it just goes back to where the character took his first step. I’ve also tried collapsing and copy and pasting the whole lot, but the same problem occurs.

Any idea how to make the cycle continous in both aspects? (peg character and parent forward motion peg.)

Thanks in advance!

When you copy a pose from your walk you are coping all its current attributes including its location position with respect to the other poses. Then when you paste that pose you are pasting it with all those same attributes. That means that for your walk to progress you have to adjust the pasted pose to its new forward location position. This is done by turning on onion skinning so that you can see the pose in relation to the previous pose. Then using the arrow keys you can nudge the pasted pose forward into the desired new location. The pose stays the same as when you copied it but you are moving the relative location of the pasted pose to make your walk progress forward. -JK