walk cycle and rig

Hi i am a new on this software,

i have some problem with the walk cycle.
When i create my character and put all the the part of my character on
separate layer and i add the pivot point, i can’t really connect arm and
leg to the tronco.
i don’t understand why, i work in cut out with inverse kinematic, but if i
try with pulling a hand, the arm react and move but the torso remain in
the same position.
I would like to move all also the torso like i saw in some video tutorial.
I put the arm and head and the leg layer on the torso, as hirarchy.

Another problem is when i try to export my walking character on
the library.
i opened a new project called background and i put my walking character.
This actyon put a new layer in my timeline called PEG.
My caharcter is visible only if is the only layer active.
If the background on the other layer became visible my character disappered.
It seems that it remains in the last background also if it is placed to
the first layer.
thank you very much.

for the first problem are you creating parent/child relationships between your layers? IK is worked out based on those relationships.

The second is the order of the layers determines which drawing is on top. If your background is on top of your character that is probably why you can’t see it. You can drag the layers up and down to change the order (be careful not to parent child them when doing this).


for the first problem, how i can put in the correct order?
i have, tronco set to parent
and arm1, arm 2, leg 1 and leh 2 as child, is it correct?

to the second, the layer PEG is on top, but if there is another
layer back to them, and there is a place where one is over another, the PEG goes to the back layer…uff

thank you

for an arm for example

Left UpperArm
–>Left LowerArm
-->Left Hand

and then you would connect that chain to the torso (personally I don’t connect my chains to the torso because I treat each chain seperatly).

Is that what you are doing?

Maybe upload a screenshot of your drawing layers box?

It is hard to say without seeing.

If you’re using Animate 2, then keep in mind that there are several modes for IK. If you want the whole body to move when you pull on the hand, then you need to select “All Chain Mode” from the dropdown menu in the IK tool properties.

Regarding the background showing up in front of the character, be aware that there are 2 levels of control of depth. The first is the layer order. The closer to the top the layer is, the more in front it will appear in the scene. Beyond that, there is also a z-depth that can be controlled with the transform tool. You can move objects back and forth from the top view or the side view - so it may be that your character is positioned behind your background.

Hope this helps.

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