Walk across the screen help


I am trying to make a hand drawn animation of a character walking across the screen. I have animated two steps forward at this point. Now I want to cycle this and make it so that the character walks all the way to the other side of the screen, out of frame.

Here comes the frustration. I am struggling to move this cycle forward so that the original one stays in its place. So that I copy the two steps and move it forward and keep the original in its place and so on.

I have tried to duplicate and move. It always moves the original as well. I have tried to copy and select just the cells I want. I have tried to go to draw desk and use the “repo all drawings” tool, but still everything moves. I also tried to make the steps on other layers but it didnt quite work and seemed like a bad choice. What am I doing wrong? I feel like there should be an simple answer to this since its quite a simple thing?

Hopefully you understand the question and know the answer, thanks in advance!

If I understood correctly, what you need is to animate the walk cycle “in place”, without moving the character left or right, and then add a peg to the element, or just add movement keys to the element to move it from left to right, then copy and paste your drawings so the walk animation repeats.

Yes, this is one solution and by doing this I get a fairly good result. Only thing I don’t like is how it becomes “slidy”. Loses its life somehow.

Or is it just my drawings that make it look this way?

Most possibly is the interpolation, best you can do is to set more keyframes and the curves (easy in, easy ot) between them to adjust the movement. A walk movement is not completely regular, every time we take a step the body moves a bit faster and then slower when we are preparing for the next one.

Another thing you can do is to move some of your drawings to try to adjust the sliding.

Yes that seems to be the problem. The computer made inbetweens make the, well, “computer look” which is quite far from my desired style.

It seems quite odd that I can easily move one drawing without affecting others but when I need to move several of my choice, I can’t.

Is there any Toon Boom folks that could guide some more shining light to this problem of mine?

Also I found this thread where they are discussing about the problem but cannot quite figure it out myself:


And thanks a lot Scardario for your help!