Waiting for my Animate Pro Product code


Is there anyone out ther who can hear me.

Waiting for product code for Animate Pro. I Have send e-mails about this already, but no answer, but my money looks ok anyway.

What can we do now, maybe I have to make a call to creditcard company and talk abut this with them if they can help…

New project and now workin still and again with Aime Studio Pro

I hope you all are doing well and have better luck with Toon boom product codes and not just lost your money this way

and yes I have returned previous key to Toon Boom keyholder

izmo ???

Have you tried to log in to your Toon Boom account?
Under My Products your product codes and licenses are listed.

Hope you find it there.

Best regards

Hi Ivar

Thank you for your message

I checked that daily, just checked and only and still Temporary key there

wish you all the best :slight_smile:


Hi again

Cheque that confirmation email is not removed by your mail accounts spam filter.

If you have crossgraded from animate:


If you don’t succeed, keep on mailing




Hope you’re up animating soon.



Thank you again for you, I have visited on that support page send an e-mail with those details asked to do.

No e-mail from Toon Boom about that, exept those TB advertising emails and those are not going spam box. Yes checked spam box anyway again.

Animating here because of dead lines, and not using TB stuff, actually feelin little stupid asking help from here…

Is this Anime Pro a real or what, well that’s comes to my mind ::slight_smile:

Nice to have you some where over there Ivar

Good night and good luck


When did you send it to support@toonboom.com because I don’t see a mail in today’s or in the last 3 days.

Are you Timothy?

I will ask support tomorrow also to see if they know about this.

Good morning

I send e-mail 30th of january 2012, sorry no Timothy here, just me izmo

nothing but temporay Product code still in my TB account


Hi Izmo,

Thank you for your response.
To find your license code we need your Toon Boom username.
As your emails have not reached us with that information,
you can call instead for prompt assistance.

Please call me at 1-800-962-3666 ext.3888
You may leave a call back number if you reach my voice mail.

It will be my pleasure to resolve this for you quickly.

Best Regards,
Customer Support
Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Hi Debbie

I send e-mail once more to you, attached your message to body of e-mail.

Looks like I’m going circle here with this ANP2 ::slight_smile:

Sunny freezing day here, hope nice weather there too


Hi Izmo

Oslo Norway is now cloudy , temperature around -6 Celsius, sight is good.

Sorry to hear that problem is not solved.

Could it be due to mail not reaching destination, or stopped by filter.
What country are you living in?
Just returned from Cameroun, and just a fraction of the mails I sent from there reached their destination.
Seems like not all operators/hosts communicate perfect even in todays globalized society.

Maybe you could try to send the mail from another mail-account, if you have one?

Best regards

hi izmo

your last email reached us, thank you
your license is on its way!

debbie :slight_smile:

Hi Debbie and Ivar

Thank you very much :slight_smile: the Production code is in my account

Very close to you Ivar Finland here and, huh freezing -17 C here… Little bit hard to move around when lots of snow around. I have round feet lol :wink:

Didn’t go out today working hard with photos because our organization magazine have a dead line very close so it keeps me little busy.

Lots of spam mails keeps coming these days so, maybe mails get lost sometime or something…

Best regards