Wait, No Exposure Sheet in Essentials for Reals?

Is that true? I am trying to study up thoroughly on Harmony before I go to Advanced, but yikes, how do I even navigate my cells during practices without an xsheet? I feel I’ll be at a disadvantage…

Is there anything else pretty vital for traditional animating that TBS 8 had that Essentials is not gonna have that I should be ready to miss? What about Pegs?

Thanks guys

Hi Warsaint777,
Are you still working on Harmony 12.1 ?
Please try to upgrade to Harmony 12.2 which already available under My Downloads when you login toon boom website.
In this new version 12.2, you will see xsheet is back !
We do have pegs in essential version.

Yes, the information for Xsheet is now in the documentation for Harmony Essentials 12.2.

For tasks related to the Xsheet:

For reference information:

Hope this helps!

Thank you for catching this. The video correction has been assigned and will be fixed shortly to avoid further confusion. :slight_smile:


This is a massive relief, holy smokes thank you.

The tutorial videos then need to be edited and the subtitles warning “XSheet is not available in Essentials” removed; this is what threw me off and had me come to the forums. So I assume info on the xsheet was also put into the essentials userguide? I am going thru this as a sort of textbook.

Peace and thanks again

"The content reflects the features found in the latest Harmony 12.2 release. "