Wacom Tablet Question

I know that this isn’t a Wacom forum, but we use tablets in Toon Boom Studio and Animate for sure and I do have a question. I used to have a large tablet, but it was for my G4 and can’t be upgraded for my Intel Machine, I have a Mac. I purchased some time back bamboo tablets for both of my machines. I’m wondering if there’s something else that people who use Animate and Studio would recommend? There are many tablets out there and they are expensive. I don’t need a large one, just one that you think is really responsive. I do have a slightly shakey hand which is unfortunate, but any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


On my part, I use an Intuose 4x6.
It is really responsive, although more expensive than the Bamboo.
I got mine for 250$.

On another work station, I also use a Graphire. It works quite well too. I don’t have much complaint there either.
On the Wacom site, it is 100$.

Also, if you have a shaky hand, in Animate and Studio, you can increase the smoothness parameter for your brush. I use it quite a bit cause I have a shaky hand too.


Thanks for the tips. I did increase the smoothness. It surely helps.

Best to You!




Does anyone know how the graphire wacom tablet compares to the bamboo tablet in terms of pressure sensitivity? would it be a step up from the bamboo tablet or not?

I’ve used 3 different types of tablets in the last 7 years or so. Started out with a “knockoff” brand, Aiptech. It was slightly better than using the mouse, but not at all like drawing on paper…really shaky and slow to respond. Plus it broke when the pen accidentally fell out of my hand and hit the pad. Dead on impact!

So I learned that it’s best to go with Wacom. I bought a used 4x6 Graphire, and the difference was noticeable. I loved it and it worked well until it pooped out on me; I think it was just too old.

So then sprung for the medium sized Intuos 4. Wow, I’ll never go for the cheapest option again! This one works perfectly, and my digital sketches have really improved. I draw small anyway, so the medium size is perfect…I don’t really need bigger. I highly recommend this one; it’s worth the investment!

I hope to one day graduate to a Cintiq (where you can actually see what you’re drawing on the pad) one day when I can afford it, but for now, the Wacom Intuos is my best recommendation. :slight_smile:

Thanks much for this. Apparently there are many choices of pens for the Intuos and I’m really not sure how I would know which to get, but I’ll check into that.

I think Intuos4 is the best of all , By i will tell you what type of ones you should not buy , Pen power , They have the problem of Pen , Most of People have same problem .

Thanks. I wouldn’t purchase anything other than a Wacom tablet. I have the Bamboo now and I was just wondering how much of a step up the Intuos would be for drawing. Don’t know the answer to that. And, I don’t know anyone who has one that I could try out.