Wacom Tab 3 ?

For some strange reason , I am having to reset the wacoms prefs for Animate nearly every time I use it. Is there a bug in Animate 2 ? Also when using the Contor editor the handles are very hard to get to work , sometimes with the mouse to . Help…( yep latest drivers ) :wink:

GeForce 7900 GS 128meg , is that now to old for 2D ?
Win xp pro , 4gig mem ( yep only 3 gig in use ), E6600 core duo 2.4 and 2x 250 in raid 0.

You’re losing the pressure sensitivity every time you start?

Although they may be unrelated, I’m just curious, what’s your graphics card?

Which tablet are you using?

This might be a scenario to contact support@toonboom.com directly so that they can give you some more one-on-one help with your configuration.


No that graphics card should be more than sufficient.

Maybe write in to support@toonboom.com so that they can see if there’s anything else going on with your particular configuration that could be causing this issue.