Wacom Stylus/Cintiq tablet offset on Windows 10 when in extended/dual screen

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As the title suggests I’m having pen offset issues on my Cintiq when using a dual screen setup.

I’m on Windows 10 (64bit) using a Cintiq Pro 24 (4K) as my main monitor and a DELL 2418 (2k) as my second screen in extended mode.
I have the Windows DPI scaling of both screens set to 125% (though the recommended DPI for the Cintiq is 200%) any less i.e. 100% is not practical.

Storyboard Pro 6 version 14.20.3 (14252) and Wacom Driver version 6.3.32-4,

The system was a fresh install last week.

This is from the Harmony 15.0.5 Release Notes

Bug Fixes:

*Fixed issue causing artwork drawn with a Wacom Stylus/Cintiq tablet to be offset on Windows, since the Wacom driver update 6.3.30-6.

Using a single screen the issue appears to be less pronounced but switching to dual screen leaves the cursor offset by 2mm!

I’ve seen other post that suggest things like removal and reinstall of all wacom drivers or rolling back to previous driver versions.

None of the suggestions have worked.

Other drawing software like Affinity Photo have no issue, it’s solely a Toon Boom one.

Could we please see a proper fix come to Storyboard Pro, being that it appears to have been fixed a while back in Harmony.



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Will do Edgar, thanks.

Have you tried setting the screens or at least the Cintiq at 100%? Changing that setting (or following Windows recommendations or set defaults to 125% etc.) used to cause an offset with Cintiqs on Toon Boom.

Yes I’m having the same issue. I have a Cintiq Pro 24, and it as the original poster mentioned, it does somehow affected by using dual screens, and having the Cintiq display scale at 200% since the Cintiq Pros are 4K resolution. My lines draw specifically from the 11 o’clock position of the crosshair rather than the center of the crosshair.

I have also tried drawing at 100% scale from my Windows display settings, but this throws the line halfway across the canvas to the left and only makes it worse.

Just in case anyone is still struggling with this issue, Wacom drivers appear to have been the cause.

"When Win pushed Paint 3D they kinda forced ‘Wacom’ to update their QT that ends up creating issues with our software, not visible in all the versions.

We have been working with Wacom to ensure new drivers would address so I’m glad that the new drivers work."

Quote from my help topic.

So you’ll need to remove all previous Wacom drivers and install v6.3.33-3 or later.

I find Wacom Desktop Centre often doesn’t acknowledge/detect the most recent drivers available so would suggest getting them direct from the Drivers site.

Hope the info helps.

Just as an FYI, I have the newest driver installed (6.3.38-2) on WIndows 10 using a 24" 4 K cintiq
and am still having this problem with scaling and pen offset.

The pen offset is NONE at 200% scaling; but I am struggling with vector pixelation issues at that size (another thread).

The lower I go in scale, the worse the pen offset gets.

Thanks for your help with this.

What did TB tell you?

I had a small offset. Pen was drawing at the edge of the cursor. Just 2-3mm. No biggie. Then I updated the driver and now the offset is huge. Not what I expected. Why does an update only make the problem worse? Any solutions, pls?