wacom pen

i work at disney, and they just updated my entire MAC system. new Tube computer, Yosemite system and the updated Storyboard Pro 4.2. Of course my preferences all went away. but its the wacom pen that i can’t adjust correctly now. it jumps around a bit while i’m drawing. not smooth and flowing like it was. anyone got the answer?

Hiya, i’ll state the obvious first, did you update and check you have the latest Wacom Drivers ? And do a fresh calibration of the pen to make sure that side of things is ok. Storyboard is not exactly intensive when it comes to processor usage and the current build i have found to be pretty stable. I had a really strange issue for a short while using the Wacom in Photoshop, if the rulers were turned on it lagged my pen out, not saying its related but fyi.

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