Wacom Mobile Studio Pro

I have spent the last week working with the 16" i5 Wacom Mobile Studio Pro with the Quadro M600M. I had some initial setup issues and wanted to share solutions that I found since I am sure many animators will want to upgrade to this new system.

The screen on the 16" mobile studio is UHD so the Harmony interface is blurry, similar to what you would see on the Surface Pro 3/4.

By default Harmony will only work on the integrated card. If you attempt to animate on a heavy project with the brush or pencil tool you will experience severe lag. The heavy project I had was a scene with a single bitmap image and a puppet rig. I had a new layer and was trying to draw with the brush. If I solo the layer it works so-so.

To solve this I right clicked on the application icon and went to the graphics card settings. In the NVIDIA control panel you can force Harmony to work with the dedicated M600M. You don’t need to change any of the other settings, mostly just make sure antialiasing is controlled by the application or off. Restart your computer.

In the OpenGL settings in Harmony set the anti-aliasing to 4. Restart Harmony. You shouldn’t get any lag or at least a lot less, I notice over time it may lag a bit but then you can always set a custom display for that character.

Hope this helps anyone making a new purchase!