Wacom Mobile Studio Pro versus Thinkpad Yoga (or other options): what do you use/prefer?

I’m needing to invest in a portable solution to run Harmony due to upcoming travel. Would also be using Storyboard pro as well as the Adobe suite.

Anyone out there that has an opinion on using these - especially Harmony - on the Wacom 16" Mobile Studio pro versus another solution such as the 14" Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga?

 It sounds like the Wacom is great, but it's pricey, does not have a keyboard built in, and has only moderate battery life.

 I haven't heard much about anyone running Toon Boom products on a Thinkpad, other than that the very high resolution on smaller screens makes the program very difficult to use.

If anyone has any experience with either of these systems - or even another I haven’t considered that you think is worth the investment - would love to hear about it.