Wacom lost pressure and eraser TB6, 2 monitors Win7

Wacom intuos PTZ,Toon Boom Studio 6, dual monitor in horisontal mode, Win7 home 64bit… Lost pressure sensitivity and now eraser function. Tried all suggestions but to no avail. Older posts are seriously out of date. I’m wasting my life on this problem!

Why am I not surprised that this isn’t getting any replies, its been an horrendous problem for Toon Boom for some time with NO HELP or any intention to sort the problem out from TB themselves. This is such a sad situation.

Hi there,

Have you tried to contact support yet? If not, send the info of your problem to support@toonboom.com.
I’m using the same tablet with the exact same setup. I’m sure support will be able to help you out.


Also, what are the suggestions you tried? Did you try to delete the Tablet preferences? This one usually works. Do you have pressure in other programs? Can you access your tablet settings via the Control Panel?

Most of the problems people experience with tablets are usually linked to:
> Unsupported tablets (which is not your case)
> Improperly installed drivers
> Conflict with another driver

Which is the primary monitor of the two? I think I remember a knowledge base issue mentioning that having the main monitor on the right, the user would love pressure.

Your tablet will work again, its just a matter of following certain steps in order. With this in mind, if I were you, I would send an email to support@toonboom.com

Thankyou I will do this towards the end of this week when I am free. I do appreciate you taking note and offering support. Ill let you know how I get on.


This is not a driver problem. It is purely TB’s problem. I’ve tried many different combinations of solutions, but in the end the only real solution is to only use one monitor. I’ve read this in many forum posts too.