wacom latest drivers not working well in pro

i have a wacom cintiq 12 and i just install the latest drivers to get my photoshop cs4 working, now storyboard pro is not geling with my cintiq. the problems are when i want to draw the pressure of the pen thinks i’m right clicking on the screen, it lags. the function keys don’t work.it works great in animate pro but why not story board pro 1.5 ver 8.5(4490) i just bought pro a few months ago …is this the latest version of pro?anyone else have problems out there?thanks Steve

ok i installed the disc software when i bought it a month or so ago. i seen that the threat at the top shown that i was on a older version.ok i download the newer version and all is wellsome how the function keys were reset…i put back the short cuts and that works too.so now i’m up to date and good to go.steve

hi~i’m thinking about getting a cintiq 12wx (that’s what you have, right?) and i was wondering if you are happy with yours so far. i currently use a cintiq 21ux and i appreciate the big screen, but it’s such a large awkward device to move around and hold in my lap. i put a pillow under it and seat it in my lap cause i find that a more comfortable way to draw than seating the cintiq on a desk. are you pretty satisfied with the amount of screen/drawing space you have? are there any advantages or disadvantages you or anyone with a 12wx can point out to me?thanks for your time,~carwash