Wacom Intuos 5 Compatibility


I just snagged up Toon Boom Animate PRO 2 this weekend as per the amazing weekend deal, but I’m rather annoyed to find that this program is not recognizing my Wacom Intuos 5 tablet. Is there going to be a patch for this tablet? It’s been out for a couple months now and uses the same utilities as the Intuos 4 so it’s a little frustrating that I can’t use it.

If there isn’t going to be any support or patch for this I’m going to have to return the software.

Well, the pressure sensitivity wasn’t being recognized, nor the eraser. It was showing up as a mouse tablet instead of a Wacom input. I contacted customer support, and they walked me through reinstalling my drivers. Now it works perfectly.

I thought for sure it might be Toon-Boom that had a conflict with it, since before the reinstall my tablet was working perfectly with Animate, Photoshop CS4 and Corel Painter 11 perfectly.

NOW it’s all good. Intuos 5 beats a Cintiq or any other tablet for me.

I just went through the same issue myself and didn’t get any helpful response from Wacom support. I tried reinstalling my drivers and that still didn’t help at all. However, I managed to solve the problem, please find my solution below:

This will only apply when you had used another wacom model on your computer BEFORE installing an Intuos5 (I used Intuos3 then upgraded to Intuos5).

0.- Close Toon Boom software.

1.- Launch the Wacom Preferences File Utility (Not the utility in which you configure your wacom’s settings, but the utility that lets you create backups of your preferences files).

2.- Choose to delete the preferences of ALL users.

3.- Turn your Intuos5 on. (if Wireless)

4.- Run Toon Boom Software… it should work now! If it doesn’t work, then try reinstalling the drivers and THEN repeat steps 1 to 4.

Apparently having old preference files stored in your computer causes trouble with Toon Boom, therefore the program won’t understand your tablet’s commands properly.

I hope this helps anybody else who might encounter this problem in the future.

What about it isn’t working for you? We’re using the Intuos 5 tablets here at the office without problems. In fact I’m using one right now. :slight_smile:


Excellent! I’m so glad you got it working, I’m having a lot of fun with this tablet too.