Wacom Inkling

Seen this? Looks awesome!



how cool!
thanks for sharing…

We also looked at that video at my work today. Really nice concept!

But before making a buy, you have to take a close look at the size of the penn. Really huge for a wacom. ^^;

Another detail you have to take into account with the latest wacom generation products: you have to change the nibs regularly.
Above that: this one uses ink.
Be sure to know the price of the nibs before buying this nice toy! :stuck_out_tongue:

But it surely looks attractive. Arrr :slight_smile:

wwoowww…I think my next purchase ;D

This is so cool. I’ve got to get one!

At first I thought this was fantastic, but after thinking about it, what’s the big deal? I can use any pen, pencil, brush, etc., on any piece of paper, scan it and save in any format. If I want it in vector I import the bitmap into Inkscape (freeware) and do Path/Trace Bitmap.

I agree ^^

The Wacom site says that it imports into Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketchbook. I assume that’s for the vector formats since it also supports raster formats (jpeg, bitmap, png).

Animate can pull in PSD files, so would it accept the noodling from this device in vector format?

inkling eliminates the use of scanner, importing drawings directly into software programs such as PS… just another toy to play … I would like to give it a try

I have an Alphasmart pen for work which allows you to scan in what you have written (and matches it up to audio) and I really like it. You have to buy the ink from Alphasmart for it but it lasts ages and isn’t too much to replace.

I imagine this takes it to the next level. It has some big pluses over the scanner method since it is mobile and you don’t have to deal with scanning quaility, if your paper gets creased a bit etc.

For use with toonboom it would be an import thing.

You obviously aren’t going to be using it to control the software.

The price on it makes me think they will sell a lot because I can see a market for it, obviously it won’t replace your normal tablet.

Lilly, I’m very interested in knowing how well it works with Animate and Storyboard. I’ll probably get it no matter what since I can use it at the office for initial designs but having it work with these packages would be icing on the cake.


Now that the Inkling is shipping, initial ratings on Amazon are not good. The recorded lines are not very accurate unelss you are very close to the base, and then only within a narrow radius.

I know that this isn’t a review site, so I’ll keep it short. It’s okay but not great.

The accuracy is not bad if you can keep the paper from moving and stay within 6" (but no closer than 2") to the receiver. I tape the paper down, just to be sure.

I’m not really using it for much because every line comes out at the same weight. I’ve gone through the calibration but that only seems to change the point at which it detects a line. Never allows me to change the weight.

I have not tried importing any of the drawings into Animate. The only export options that I see are PNG, JPEF, SVF, BMP and TIFF. I was really hoping to be able to keep the layers and vectors.

It looks to me like it works a lot like a tablet, so theoretically I don’t see why not. But we haven’t had a chance to test the device and see whether it’s compatible. I’ll ask the Wacom folks if they can send us one to test with if there’s significant interest here.