Wacom Companion

Im considering buying a Wacom Companion.
If I install and use Toon Boom Studio am I limited to the size of the animation due to the capacity of the Companion ?
Is it just an intermediate tool but you finish the project on a large HAD capacity PC ?

HAD should read HDD

When it comes to storage capacity the Cintiq Companions are no different than a regular computer. They come with large capacities (250GB and 512GB solid state hard drives) and you can always connect multiple USB 3.0 external hard drives for additional storage space.

EDIT: Something to consider is that the 13" screen size of a Companion is rather small for working with this software. The Toon Boom GUI is basically broken up into 3rds. The area for the artwork where you build characters and scenes will typically use at least a 3rd. You will need to have other boxes open most of the time while working. The other boxes take up more space than they could if they were designed to shrink down with smaller icons and text, which they are not. So, with a smaller screen your active working area will be quite small.

What attracts you to a Companion? Is it the ability to draw directly onto the screen? You can adapt to a regular tablet and screen if it currently bothers you. You just have to accept it and not think how it would be easier if only… If you can afford it the largest Cintiq 24HD would be great though.

Hi Ampy,
Thanks for your reply.
I prefer Companion because it is portable.
But Im worried if it will be too small.
Maybe I could sketch on Companion using Flash and import the sketches into my desktop PC later ?
Thanks again.