Wacom Cintiq Touch Strip

Anyone having a clue how to get the Touch strip function (zooming) to work on a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet and Cintiq 21 UX with Animate?

you have to go into your Wacom properties and set-up application specific functions.

Once the Wacom properties window is open, click on the functions icon (middle row below the list Wacom Products you have installed on your machine).

then you will add an application by clicking on the “+” on the third row which lists applications with custom settings. You should now have a window that should list all the currently running programs. If you have Animate or Animate Pro open, you should see it listed. Select it and click okay.

First group are the express keys. The Left bottom button by default is set to “Pan/scroll” but needs to be changed to “keystroke” then tap the space bar to set the new function. This will enable the pan/scroll hand for all views in Animate and Animate Pro.
Leave the remaining keys for the Left group as the default modifiers. You can set the Right group of keys to commonly used tools or operations by using the “key stroke” and entering keyboard shortcuts.

Next tab is the Touch strip: To enable the Zoom-in/Zoom-out on one or both touch strip, you will need to set the function as “key stroke” and then entering the correct keyboard shortcuts IE. enter 2 in the top box, enter 1 in the bottom box and type in Zoom for the label, then click okay (In Animate Pro touch stripe top zooms in and bottom zooms out)

I have my left strip set to zoom and the right strip set to select next/previous available drawing (of currently selected drawing layer).

Hope this helps. Some basic functions like “spacebar + click and drag = pan scroll” don’t always translate because the program and the Wacom driver may differ in the way the code is written for these functions, but replacing these with thekeyboard shortcuts will resolve most problems.

I tried this.
Did not seem to work for me. All key on tablet have no function.

Not only did I not get it to work, but know the key command (command +/-) does not work.

The only way I can zoom in or out is the sizing button below the drawing pallet… crap. >:(

Anyone ever get the answer to this? I just moved to Windows 7 and I know how to set up preferences an all that in my Wacom panel, but they do not translate into Animate on Windows 7. I even tried to import the settings from Windows xp , tried to set the keyboard layout as Flash, then Toon Boom products, etc (in Animate’s preferences), didn’t work. I’ve stopped and started all kinds of services and everything, no dice. Touch strips work fine in my other products (I open them at the same time as having Animate open just to test) but no matter what I put, Animate won’t accept the touch strips. If anyone gets the answer, please let me know. I’m searching other forums, in the meantime.

:o wait… wait… I told my girlfriend, who is forever writing with Intuos 4, that I got Windows 7 today, and she immediately told me to look for the icon that says ALL OTHER, which is to the right of the APPLICATIONS field, in Wacom Tablet Properties. This is the generic settings for all applications, so be mindful that whatever you set here applies to all apps not specified in the Wacom properties. You MUST program Animate shortcuts with that generic icon, not the actual ANIMATE.EXE icon that you linked straight to the exe, in Wacom properties. Only the generic application setting is working, right now. All the other express keys will work too. ::slight_smile: