Wacom Cintiq 24 crashing with toonboom premium

I have a cintiq pro 24 ( touch) using as a extension to my main monitor. I use toonboom regularly but if I open the program with the Wacom harmony premium app crashes. It will open but than go all white saying that it’s unable to respond
. Now if I have the Wacom screen temporarily off and load harmony premium on my main desktop monitor, everything is in perfect running order. I just switch to extended to allow the application to behave. Certain tools crash the app if I don’t pull toonboom back on my main monitor. Anyone have any resolutions? Also I have a Nividia GeForce 1060 rtx updated drivers running on windows 10. My Wacom drivers are also all updated and I’ve deleted and reinstalled multiple times. These persistent issues totally kill my work flow! :frowning: