Wacom Cintiq 22HD

Has anyone used the Cintiq 22HD with Animate and AP?
Are there any technical issues or problems to watch out for?
I’ve noticed a couple of posts about brush sensitivity with other Cintiqs.
I want to feel confident about it before taking the plunge.


Hi Mark,
I am currently using the new Cintiq 22 HD coupled with the Harmony Product for a current project. I didn’t notice many issues unless you try to get too small with the pencil and brush sizes. When you stay with a reasonable sized brush the software is very accurate. I also recommend if you are going to take the plunge to purchase the ergotron Lx desk mounted arm as well. Also I would recommend is that if you purchase a new Cintiq don’t use any other nib than the felt tip. The screen seems to easy to scratch and screen protectors have not been made for this model yet.
Very Respectfully


Hi Raymond,

I saw your reply to Mark’s question and it got me really curious. I am using the Cintiq 21UX (2010) and have had to rebuild my table (with a pull out construction) for ergonomy.

I have taken a look at that ergotron Lx desk mounted arm and was wondering if it is stable enough to carry the over 15 KG weight. As I understand that you are using it:

  • Can one really rely on this wight balance? Is the clamp strong enough to hold the weight. I know from the so-called “Pixal” lamps that the clamp sometimes gets loose and tha lamp falls over.
    Could you give me a tip/confirmation there if this construction is reliable.

Thanks in advance
lol…and I am only realizing now that there is a Wacom Cintiq 22HD. I once purchased the 24 HD but had to return it because it was just monstrously not practical…Now I am ogling that 22HD; at 1.377 € which surprisingly is much cheaper than 21UX - for which I paid 1.900 € in July 2012.

There is a good article about the Ergomart monitor arm and the Cintiq here:


Be sure to read the various comments that were made about the post as well.

I use the LX desk arm with 21UX Cintiq, it’s well worth the expense.

I just had a chance to try one out at Siggraph, was using it the whole time there. No issues for me! Worked like a charm.