Wacom Bamboo no sensitivity

Hi … I have Stbd Pro 2.0 and a new Bamboo Fun Tablet on an XP Windows mashine.I installed the latest drivers but cant get pressure sensitivity.I tried to remove the preferences like you advised for intuos tablets.... with no result... (but 87% of the comments says that it also doesnt work for the intuos)Is it possible that the cintiq drivers I also have on this mashine can disturb the bamboo driver?I must tell that other programs work verry well with sensitivity… only toonboom fails.If somebody could help it would be verry nice.Best regardsharrytoon

Yes it is possible that having two different drivers on the machine can conflict. It is recommended to only have one driver installed at a time.

You can go ahead and email support@toonboom.com to get help resolving your issue if our troubleshooting problems here didn’t help you.