VTC Toon Boom Studio Tutorial CD

This video tutorial has just been released for purchase. Check it out HERE. Several movies from the tutorial are viewable for free.

Interesting, I’ll definitely check out the free ones to get a feel for if the whole thing is worth the price tag or not. If the lessons are well thought out & demonstrated then it looks to be worth it, but if they just gloss over each topic in a few sentences then I’m not so sure. Looks like a lot of good info is in there though just from taking a glance.

Had you posted links to this before when it was in development? I remember something similar & I thought I signed up to receive an email when it was released… just don’t remember getting one. Maybe it was filtered as spam or something or it’s just a different tut.


Yes, I did post a link to this video when it was still in development. I just received my e-mail yesterday but it had been filtered as spam so I had to retrieve it from my ISP server.


I bought the video yesterday and its awesome :slight_smile: id definately ask you guys to go ahead and get it.

I was considering getting this, but noticed it says it’s for version 3.5
Isn’t 3.5 quite different from 4.0?

There are some differences in V4 over V3.5 but those differences aren’t such that they change the way the software is used. The change from 3.0 to 3.5 was more significant in functionality specifically pegs internal to drawing and image elements and significant changes with the scene select tool’s role in animating.

V4 added user interface layout customization and better dual screen support, import and vectorize with textures, combining the perspective tool with the drawing select tool, feathered edges, brush shapes, stokes creation using the center line drawing tools, orient to path for motion guides and improved onion skinning. (that’s pretty much the major highlights). But except for learning to apply those enhanced features if their training is based on V3.5 they are covering the bulk of the software usage.

I’m not recommending this training product as I have no knowledge of it one way or the other but I wanted to answer your question. Keep having fun and write me when you need anything. -JK