Vote (Tweet) 4 Me In Dick Clark Productions Contest :-)

Hi Toonboomers,
My Toon Boom Animate webseries, “The Film Bowl”
( )
is in contention for a Streamy (webseries award)
via Dick Clark Productions.
If you have 30 seconds, please tweet-vote for it
by following these steps:
(a) Go here:
(c) Enter: #TheFilmBowl in the “Name of Show” field
(d) Enter: @JustinDumper in the “Show’s Twitter Handle” field
(e) Select: BEST ANIMATED SERIES in the “Select a Category” field
Note - The last window tells you Dick Clark Productions will have some degree of access to your Twitter account. If you don’t like things like that, no sweat. If you don’t care (like me), I’d love your tweet. :slight_smile: