volume control point

Hi I have imported a piece of music in sbp4.1.I can’t seem to find how to bring the control points up to fade up and fade out the music. in sbp2 it was just a case of clicking on the waveform and that would bring up a point . I can’t seem to do that in 4 .
I also can’t find anything in the documentation .

Hi yoborob

Had a low moment myself, not able to adjsust the volume some time ago.
After some trial and error ….
Right click sound and choose Show Volume.
Hold alt as you click the line. This will add a point to adjust the volume.
Holding alt and click an excisting point will remove it. To show and hide the volume its possible to add a button to the Sounds Tool Bar.
To adjust , just click and drag.
Just in case you have not tried it yet. The V4 has the option to record sound directly into the timeline if that would suit your workflow.
I love it.

Best regards

Thanks Ivar - you are a star and have saved my day . yeah i love 4 too.
It should be clearer in the manual i reckon . Anyway thanks again .